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Nellimya: Light + Land Art Exhibitions was established in 2007 thanks to the will and passion of the architect Omar Antonelli and his artist wife.
For the last eight years, the former Piazza Riforma showroom, located in the heart of Lugano, has acted as a springboard, experimental space and exhibition venue for works of Light Art: art that uses light as the main medium of aesthetic and conceptual communication. 
The new space, under construction since 2014 and designed by the architectural firm Nellimya: in + out desire, is located in Aranno, a town in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland. It is set in an intimate location surrounded by the green woods of Malcantone and provides the ideal habitat for Light Art and Land Art projects: art that complements and enhances land and nature.
During this period of transition, whilst developing work for the new premises, another project has been taking shape:

movin'on [con]Temporary art

1st CLASS ARTERY is probably the smallest travelling art gallery in the world. The project, conceived by the artist Mya Lurgo, was founded and developed in the name and on behalf of the art gallery Nellimya: Light + Land Art Exhibition (Switzerland), which is jointly owned by Mya Lurgo and the architect Omar Antonelli. 
1st CLASS ARTERY consists of a travel trunk from the 1900s, owned by a submarine captain based in Liguria in Italy. 
Recently restored, it has become a container for
site-specific “trunk sized” exhibition projects: it measures L 105 x P 31 x H 105.5 cm when open and L 62 x P 52.5 x H 105.5 cm when closed. 
Artists selected from all over the world are invited to produce
prêt-à-porter works conceived for the traveller and inspired by the wandering spirit - that fervour that encourages us and leads us to unexplored inner and outer goals - as well as a sense of impermanence and the transient nature of existence.

#Wunderkammer01 is the title chosen to represent all of the exhibitions held and hosted, stage after stage, in prestigious hotels around the world, in art fairs and high-visibility urban locations. Each exhibition remains in place for about 45 days before resuming the next stage of its journey, with new artists and works of art.
There is no fixed location, because movement is life. 
The digital exhibition catalogue can be viewed or downloaded on a smartphone from the website of the Nellimya: Light + Land Art Exhibition gallery, but a printed version is also available. A single copy of this, designed to be a guest and log book, will be left on the trunk. At the end of the exhibition, this tool will also start to travel using the BookCrossing practice. 
The touch-screen display integrated in the trunk can be used to contact the gallery owners by phone, Email or Skype, download the catalogue or make a purchase on Amazon using a credit cards.
The sale and immediate delivery of the work of art to the customer comes complete with a certificate of authenticity.